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Accountant: Set up your customer in Kontolink

As an accountant or bookkeeper, you can work efficiently
with your customers in Kontolink. 

This article guides you through how you can register and
invite your customers to Kontolink

Create a company for your customer

First step is to create the customer’s company.

1. Log in to Kontolink

Log in here

From your Kontohub overview, you can select ‘Create new company’ at the top left.


2. Write your customers company name

Enter the name of the customer’s company here and click ‘Next’.


3. Set up integrations

In Kontolink you want to connect the customer’s bank account, relevant document sources, and accounting system.

In many cases, it will be the customer themselves who’ll need to connect some of the integrations. If that is the case, select “Skip” at the bottom and invite the customer to do this in the last step.


4. Connect accounting system

Connect your customer’s accounting system.



Well done!🎉

The customer’s company is now created in Kontolink