Do you want more time for your small business?

Your business have a ton of challenges. Bookkeeping can take up a lot of time especially after hours where you really wanted to spend time with your family. On top of that comes frustrations with missing receipts and bills. Kontolink takes the nightmare out of the equation and makes your life easier.

Joyful accounting and bookkeeping

Kontolink automatically fetches your bills and receipts and matches them to your bank transactions. We also categorize transactions and register customer payments making it possible to book everything with a single swipe. 

Get rid of the documents hassle

No more missing receipts and invoices. Your bills and receipts are fetched automatically from your email, cloud storage or phone camera and is matched by our intelligent system to your bank statements.

Control of customer payments

Tired? of keeping an eye on when and if you customers are paying? Customer payments are booked as soon as they hit the bank.

Book with a single swipe

Do you find accounting a burden? Register bills with a single swipe on your phone.

Put your accounting on autopilot


Bookkeeping directly from the bank

Kontolink automatically fetches your bank transactions. We all know that the bank always is correct so why not start there. We fetch documents with bills and receipts from the bank information. Therefore your books will always be up-to-date and reconciled.


Receipts and bills are automatically fetched

With Kontolink there is no more hunting missing receipts and bills. Kontolink fetches, sorts and processes the documents you need. No more nagging reminders from your bookkeeper about missing receipts.


Bookkeeping with a single swipe

Avoid expensive and time consuming mistakes, and stay up-to-date with Kontolink. With a single swipe on the mobile phone or computer, bookkeeping becomes a joy. All the transactions are automatically pushed to the accounting system and you are ready to VAT and end of year reporting.

You no longer have to worry about bookkeeping

Connect to most UK banks

Fast and free . We provide a convenient and secure connection to the bank, that eliminates the need for the bookkeeper to login to the bank.

Our own scanning app

In addition to auto-fetch from mail we also have our own scanning app so you avoid folders packed with receipts. Use our app Kontosnap to digitize your receipts as you receive them.

Made for your smartphone

Kontolink is born on a smartphone so that you can manage your accounts what it suits you. One swipe is all it takes.

Free support

We support you all the way and are only a phone call (or chat) away.

Automatic customer payment registration

Customer invoices are registered as paid as soon as the money hits your bank account. No manual intervention needed whatsoever.

Real-time list of missing registrations

When you use Kontolink you always know how far you have come with the bookkeeping and what it takes to be 100% done. No hidden surprises.

Automatic fetch of documents

Have you ever tried to miss an important bill or receipt for your books? Kontolink will automatically fetch bills and receipts from email, photos and Dropbox.

Connect to your COA

Kontolink is made for startups and small companies. You can book easy and fast in a language you understand.

Artificial Intelligence for you accounting

No two sets of books are alike. Kontolink learns from they way you manage your books so it becomes faster every time you use it.

See how easy it is - Totally free for 30 days

When you decide to continue it typically costs between €7 and €19/month 

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