Get rid of the accounting hassle

One Touch Accounting - directly from the bank. Kontolink uses AI to automatically find, categorize and match accounting documents with bank transactions on the fly, to deliver correct and compliant accounting faster and always up-to-date. This relieves both employees and bookkeepers alike from the hassle of accounting.

Accounting automation for small companies

Create accounting entries with a single swipe - complete with documentation attached - ensuring less frustration and less doubt close to deadlines. By disrupting the process and using machine learning we establish the foundation for fully automated accounting

Prices from 6 eur pEr month

Small business typically spends 2-10 hours each month collecting required accounting documentation.

6 eur

PER month

13 eur

PEr month

21 eur

pEr month

Feedback from our users

"Great App, easy to use, good and fast response and solutions by the team behind kontolink when required. We - and our bookkeeper - are saving a lot of time matching receipts with transactions. Frequent and relevant App updates. We highly recommend kontolink!"
Owner Coh&Co Copenhagen
"I save a lot of time collecting receipts and other expense documents. I used to spend frustrating amount of time chasing these from sales staff and our technicians on the road, and then match them manually with the transactions. It is really easy for me to use on a daily basis, but also extremely easy for employees who needs to save the receipts for the accounting."
Bookkeeper Neptun Spa & Pool